n today’s fast paced world, it can be hard enough to keep up let alone stay in shape. Going to a globo-gym by yourself with 1500 machines to choose from and 800 people to deal with can be overwhelming and frustrating. Fitness training with Rosanna Greenberg  is fun, challenging, and most importantly, produces results! In group classes you get the camaraderie of working out with a small group of friends with the programming and coaching of an 8-time collegiate national champion athlete. In private training sessions, you get the personalized programming and attention of a world class athlete and motivator.


  • I have been going to Rosanna’s group workouts for the past 2 months. I absolutely love them because working out with other people is so much more enjoyable than working out by myself. Rosanna keeps me accountable with living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining my fitness goals. I love having her as my trainer for the following reasons: she is challenging and keeps me working hard for the best results; we are always doing something different at every workout so we don’t get bored, and being with a group of people who take getting or maintaining their fitness goals seriously is a great inspiration for me to continue toward my fitness goals. I love having group workouts and I love having Rosanna as my friend and trainer.

    Kelly Waterman
    Kelly WatermanSan Diego, CA
  • Rosanna has been a great trainer for me over the last several years. She is very familiar with my body's strengths and weaknesses as a fellow former competitive athlete. She made every effort to take into consideration my various injuries and often modified my workouts to suit. Rosanna is a very positive person and knows how to make the chore of working out fun to do.

    Jason Craig
    Jason CraigSan Diego, CA
  • If you are looking for a trainer who knows how to push you to reach your goals and encourage you along the way then Rosanna is your trainer. Even in a group class you feel like you’re getting a personal session with her. She cares about your personal progress and is always helpful and knowledgeable.  Whether you're male or female, this woman delivers results!

    Kaele Harris
    Kaele HarrisSan Diego, CA
  • Rosanna Delurgio
    Rosanna DelurgioFitness Coach

My love for fitness started at the age of 9 when I became a competitive swimmer. My career lasted 15 years and included 8 NCAA national titles in swimming for UC San Diego. During my college career I earned the opportunity to compete in Olympic Trials in 2004 and 2008. I have been a NSCA- Certified personal trainer since 2005.  With athletics and fitness always being a part of my life it is my philosophy to keep training fun and fresh. My favorite part of fitness training is to push others to grow and reach their potential (in workouts but also in all areas of life).  To do so I have found that variety is important not only to keep workouts fun mentally, but for your body to be forced to continually ad thus avoiding plateaus. It is my belief that making your health and fitness a daily discipline turns it into a lifestyle.  That means when you have a plan and people to keep you accountable you will be successful for the long haul.   That is what Competing with Purpose: Fitness Training does. Come and join us for fun and challenging group workouts or schedule your own private/semi-private  training of your own!

My favorite type of workouts include: swimming (or any water activity), kickboxing, hiking, Pilates, and Olympic lifting.


Group Classes- 
Carmel Valley Rec Center:
Upper Field
3777 Townsgate Drive San Diego, CA 92130

Private + Semi Private Sessions-
Held at your location of choice in northern San Diego (between the 56 to 8 freeways).


Semi Private Classes

By Appointment Only

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 7:30AM-11:30AM

Registration Open Now!

Lock in your time slot and get pricing details by emailing  Rosanna . 

Share fitness with your friends and family! Each referral gets you both a $50 credit off your program.

Semi Private Sessions

These circuit format workouts are geared to work your whole body.  The basic format often includes running and/or a functional warm up, core strengthening, Tabata circuits, endurance sets, plyometrics, and much more. Every workout is different from the next, and at an intermediate and advanced level.  If you like Pilates, boxing, weight lifting, agility drills, yoga, and running you’ll love these classes as they blend all these styles.  Plus, these semi private classes are great for those of you on a budget!  Min 3 people for a group and 2 month commitment. Want to sample these workouts? Sign up to attend the Fit in Five Fitness Challenge!
  • 4-Pack
    $40per package
    • Equipment Included
    • Just bring yourself, water, and a towel!
  • Drop In
    $15per class
    • Equipment Included
    • Just bring yourself, water, and a towel!
Man, I really regret working out today

– No one, ever

Private Training Sessions

Want a schedule that is more conducive to your schedule and unique needs? Than private sessions will be the best for you. Rosanna will come to your home or arrange for an outdoor location convenient for you. Private training workouts will be customized to your unique goals and abilities. If you want to have the balance of customized workouts, times and location, but want to cut down the investment, get 1 friends to join you! This is a great way to accelerate your results and level of fitness. Book your sessions today!

  • 2 Sessions per week
    $640per month
    • Total price can be split between 1-3 people
    • 4+ is $50 more per person
    • Price drops 10% for 3 month+ contracts
    • Packages include your Advocare membership
    • 20% off AdvoCare products for 1 year
  • 1 Session per Week
    $350per month
    • Total price can be split between 1-3 people
    • 4+ is $50 more per person
    • Price drops 10% for 3 month+ contracts
    • Packages include your Advocare membership
    • 20% off AdvoCare products for 1 year

Please leave me a message regarding your interest in fitness training and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to being a part of your incredible fitness journey!

Contact Me

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