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“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.”

My Hobbies

Reading, swimming, hiking, reading, game nights with friends, cooking healthy & tasty meals, exploring new places, and most of all quality time with her family and friends.


Born a Northern California beach girl, I’ve always had a love for health, fitness and the outdoors. I competed for 15 years in swimming including becoming an 8 time NCAA Champion and competing in Olympic trials in 2004 and 2008. My love and passion for people, health and fitness led me to pursue personal training after college. This transformed in 2007 when, after taking AdvoCare for 6 years during my collegiate swimming career, I decided to finally pursue it as a business. AdvoCare was the perfect business to aid in my Olympic dreams and help fill a financial gap. As life would have it, 3 months later my father became a quadriplegic and AdvoCare was the blessing I needed to cover my finances and be able to spend the necessary time with my family. Over the next 5 years, AdvoCare, my church, C3 San Diego, and my amazing friends were the support, encouragement, and extended family I needed to help my immediate family out in a time of chaos.

In March of 2013 my father passed away. In the wake of my mourning, the dream, that lay dormant to write, rose to the surface. In January 2014, out of obedience to what I felt God was calling me to do, I stepped out in faith and started Competing with Purpose. It is here that I hope to help redeem what it means to be competitive, not for personal gain or fulfillment, but to walk in our destiny becoming the fullness of what God created us each to be. It is not what we are competing for but Who that matters; living a life competing for THE purposes of Jesus. Competing is a quality laid innately in many of us that, in its truest form, is to bring God glory while loving His people.

It is my prayer that my story, writing, coaching programs and leadership will help all those who participate to live a blessed and abundant life.  I am sincerely grateful for you joining me in this journey.

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  • What Slips Through the Cracks?
    What Slips Through the Cracks?
    he past couple of weeks the sensation that I’m forgetting something has increased significantly.  My response to this feeling is to hunker down, focus more and write down MANY to do lists.  Its exhausting, and quite honestly makes life stressful instead of enjoyable.  Yes there is a lot of work to get done, but this […]
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  • In Front Of The Camera
    In Front Of The Camera
    f you know me personally, you know that my natural preference is not to be in front of the camera.  God has a funny way of getting you to do the things you never thought you’d do, in an effort to stretch and grow my business and share more with you I decided it was […]
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  • The Real Problem
    The Real Problem
    ave you ever paused to consider how powerful our mindsets are on our reality?  Think about anyone who has tried to diet, start a new workout routine, or change any detrimental behavior.  What determines if they will be successful to bring about the desired change?  Is it knowing the right things to do? Having the […]
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